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Strong and Sculpted Arms

Happy New Year! For many, entering into a new year is a time of reflection and also a time for self improvement. This year is especially exciting as we are entering a new decade! I think that resolutions are a great way to start making some healthy changes in your life, and I encourage my patients to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable. Many people go the the gym starting on January first and then end in March as the busyness of life takes a toll. Many go on a diet that is too difficult to maintain. Let's make a pact to keep working on these changes throughout the year and to truly achieve a healthier you!

I am starting the year with some arm exercises that are simple and easy to perform in the comfort of your own home. We show the model performing exercises with household items to demonstrate that you can really use anything as a weight. You can even start by going through the exercises without any weight at all! Good muscle strength and tone is so important for the body. It helps with posture, stability, and most importantly prevents injuries. In my mind, if we're given one body for our life, why not optimize it with healthy eating and proper toning, that way it will work most efficiently and give you the best outcome.

I challenge you to do these exercises three times a week for a month. Enjoy!

Bicep curls Keeping the back straight with knees bent, slowly flex the biceps upward making sure to isolate the muscle. You should feel this in the anterior portion of your upper arm. Now try with your wrist turned in, activating a different part of your bicep muscle. Try a set of fifteen repetitions and repeat three times. Notice how he is using two cans. Feel free to use any household object. The key to knowing the proper weight is by how you feel at the end of the repetition. If you are struggling to get the last curl in, that means the weight is right, if you do it with no problem or cannot finish all fifteen, then the weight is not right for you and should be adjusted.

Tricep Kickbacks The back should be straight for this exercise to be properly executed. If you need to, you can look in a mirror to make sure that you have proper form. As you kickback the arm, make sure that you feel tension in the tricep muscles. Try sets of twelve on each side and repeat three times. The key to this exercise is proper form; slow movement with low weight is the best way to execute this exercise.

Swing out This is a great exercise because it works on many muscles, including your biceps and rotator cuffs. I always tell my patients this is a great way to build and maintain rotator cuff strength and prevent injuries, as we know this area is prone to tears. Arms bent at ninety degrees, back straight, knees slightly bent, slowly externally rotate arm. You can adjust the grip on the weight to accommodate for different muscle groups.

Arm raises To be humorous we are showing that you can literally lift anything to help sculpt your muscles - even a bunch of bananas! Back straight and knees bent, slowly lift both arms in unison to the sides. Try holding the arm lift for about two seconds at the top before allowing the arms to slowly fall to your sides. Try ten reps and then repeat three times. Your can adjust between holding the object straight out and arms in front of you, this changes the muscles that are being worked.

Back Curl This exercises strengthens the muscles in the mid upper back. It helps with posture and stabilizes the back. Back straight and knees bent, slowly move the arms back while keeping them held at a ninety degree angle. You should feel the muscle tension in the mid upper back. Try to hold the exercise at the top for about two seconds before releasing. Try ten repetitions and repeat three times.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, safe and healthy 2020! Live your best life! My resolution this year is to blog more often! Please private message me any questions that you may have.

PS. It is ok to drink a small amount alcohol, but only in moderation! I would not recommend more than one six ounce glass of wine in a day. Cheers!

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