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Fabulous Abs!

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

As promised, I am going to be posting some workouts that are simple and easy to do in the comfort of your home. I have created this blog in hopes to help my patients and others get into better shape and live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Along with healthy eating, exercise is very important for wellness. Here are some of my favorite abdominal workouts for you to try! You don't just need to do ab workouts for flat abs. A strong core also helps reduce the risk of thoracic and lumbar spine pain, improves balance and aids in digestion. It also helps reduce the development and severity of abdominal hernias.

So play some uplifting music in the background and let's workout!

There are 5 workouts here, I challenge you to do them 5 days a week for a month and trust me you'll see a world of difference.

Straight leg raise: keeping your legs straight and core tight, lift the legs up to the sky. Try starting with 10 reps at a time

Bicycles: Just like the description, try moving your body as if you are on a stationary bike. Make sure that you keep the abs tight while doing this exercise.

Flutter Kicks: This is great for your lower abdominal muscles. Flutter your legs up and down with straight legs. Try to do this in a slow and controlled fashion. Try about 10 - 15 reps at a time.

V-sit: This works your entire core. Try to do this in a slow and controlled manner. Try 10 reps to start

Reverse Crunch: This works the lower abdominal muscles. Make sure to keep the lower back on the floor. This exercise is great for the stability of the lower back. Try sets of 20 reps each

We hope that you enjoy these exercises. Remember, the longer you do these exercises, the easier it gets!

If anyone wants to do the 30 day challenge ( 5 days a week, start with 10 reps and inc by 5 every week), I encourage you to take a before and after picture, you'll be amazed at the change. Please feel free to me pictures or comments.

Have fun working out!

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